Riffle Dynamic, Episodz rap beef gets personal

Riffle Dynamic

The Rap beef between Riffle Dynamic and Episodz is not dying down anytime soon as another record is up in the air and a call for a fully-fledged rap battle is on the cards.

‘Moment of truth’ is the second installment from Riffle in response to Episodz ‘Letter to my son’ and fans are saying this is too personal.

Riffle Dynamic is walking back Episodz's claims and says he is now in violence mode. He also does the same thing of mentioning his foe by first name ‘William’.

He goes on to say the fact that Episodz had sexual relation with his girl is an overused line. He did not mention names but 2 Pac was the one who took it to a whole new level on 'Hit em up' when he was beefing with Notorious Big.

A moment of contention on social media came when his line that he helped Episodz write 40 percent if his lines in 'Mbebe' was flagged as fans caught him [Riffle Dynamic] ‘lurking’.


Best Balala said: “Look looks like the Ep [Episodz] one did some damage and he is here to respond and admit he is really a kid who doesn’t speak good English.

“Wait chief I thought u said u wrote 40% of his lyrics and u referred to Mbembe kaya mukuti as the track. Now u saying u wrote the last line? Timve ziti?? Ife titamva zoti u write 40% I was like u the one who makes him n I gave u the crown koma now I have doubts."

Riffle Dynamic is not one to let go of the comments sections just slide by and he engaged Balala: “I said for example,” to which Balala responded: “Next time when u say u have done 40 % of something.. maybe say u for example the 8 bars or 16 bars in Mbembe somewhere around those lines. U can’t claim u did something 40% and give one example. We are listeners ifeyo kunalibe. Diss must always be convincing. but it’s a good track.”

Episodz said he would not respond to Riffle Dynamic as he has already given him limelight but after the explosive turn of events that have now gone personal, fans are waiting to hear what will happen next.