Rangers kill crocodile in Mangochi


People at Kwitambo village along the Shire River in Mangochi with the help from rangers from Department of Parks and Wildlife on Thursday morning killed a crocodile which had been causing havoc in the area.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) one of the villagers, Mohammad Juma said the animal had been wandering in the village causing panic to the people for five months.

“The crocodile has killed a lot of livestock since its appearance in our area and it also posed a big threat to men and women who depend on the river for domestic use,” said Juma, a member of the community policing forum.

He said the crocodile killed a cow last week.

On Thursday, the villagers used a dead monkey as bait to trap the crocodile and it was later gunned down by a game ranger from the Department of Parks and Wild life.

Juma said there was relief and excitement in the village after killing the crocodile as the crocodile was taken to Mangochi Police.