Tedzani 4 to be completed in 2021

a view of the power house at tedzani 4

The construction of Tedzani 4 in Neno is expected to finish on time and add the much needed 18 Megawatts kulinji has learnt.

A tour of the facilities on Thursday shows the water intake, power house construction are progressing according to plan.

Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) CEO William Liabunya said they are at over 50 percent of the project.

The project is being built with a US$52 million grant from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with Egenco contributing US$4.8 million.

Egenco’s contribution is  going towards buying of cement and steel bars for the project which is expected to end in September 2021.


“The Tedzani 4 project is quite a big project. The thing is with hydro-power it never is different from a big power station or a small power station, this one is an 18MW, as you have seen the civil works that are involved are just as massive. So, we were lucky that the tunnel is an open tunnel of course it has been covered but you have seen all the way from the intake to the power house the works how they are going on and we are progressing

Liabunya went on to say: "We are over 50 percent on the progress, we expect that come next year we will be commissioning this power station."


He explained Tedzani 4 will make a big difference with its18 MW.

"We talk of Wovwe which produces 4.5MW and when you look at 18MW it is almost more than is 3 or 4 times that capacity. So water being available which we expect the rains coming we should be having enough water and the 18MW being put into the grid it will make a big difference for our customers," he said


Head of the Secretariat of the African Hydro Symposium, engineer Kaela Saime said there is need to continuously investing in hydro power.

Siame commended the Malawian government for taking on the project which he said will help mitigate the challenges the country is facing right now.