Apostle Ndovie predicted that Malawians would 'recover what was stolen'

Apostle Ndovie

It has become a tradition that leaders of pentecostal and charismatic churches in Malawi to gather their faithful on the eve of the new year to make declarations and predictions for the new year.

On 31st December, 2019, Apostle Stanley Ndovie founder of Living Waters Church International told his faithful and Malawians at large that the year 2020 will be characterised by liberty and recovery of what was supposed to be theirs but was ‘stolen’ from them.

Speaking at the church’s headquarters in Chimwakhunda, Blantyre, Apostle Ndovie made references to the biblical leader of Israel King David whose enemies took his wives and possessions captive but God assured him that he would overtake his enemies.

Apostle Ndovie
Apostle Ndovie (C) flanked by his son (L) and his personal assistant. Photos courtesy of LWC Media

“David had to go with all the soldiers to recover what was taken away from him. I am saying to you in this year, those things that people had taken away from you; things that you had lost some of them were promotions. This year your promotions are being recovered back to you,” he declared to his followers, adding recovery also means gaining control, retrieve, obtain again.

He also added that Malawians would also experience a reversal as that is what word ‘recovery’ means in Hebrew.

He said the prophecy was directed at his followers and anyone who would take and accept the words which he claimed God had given him way back in July.

“Liberty means you are free, you can speak you are not bound; it means freedom from bondage, freedom to chose what you want, independence and being unrestricted, unlimited, you can do anything. Malawi became independent in 1964. Malawi is our country, if it’s our country, we’re not slaves, we should not be restricted,” he added.

On Monday, 3rd February, 2020 the Constitutional Court sitting in Lilongwe nullified the May 21 election, based on what it described as widespread, systematic and grave irregularities.

Malawi Congress Party president Lazarous Chakwera had always insisted that he and not Peter Mutharika who was declared president by the Malawi Electoral Commission won the presidential election.