Bushiri's SA lawyers targeted

Bushiri and Baloyi
  • Released after 8 hours

  • Uncertainty on whether or not they will continue to represent Bushiri out of fear

Enlightened Christian Gathering Church leader and businessman Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says his South African lawyers were detained for eight hours by Hawks in Rainbow nation on Monday. 

Bushiri in a statement issued by Communication Director Ephraim Nyondo said arresting attorney Terrance Baloyi and his legal advisor Alvin Khosa is "clear malice, torture and harassment to the legal practitioners at its best."

Bushiri detailing the situation called it an unlawful detention.

Baloyi in court-file footage.

He accused officials of playing games explaining the Senior State Advocate, who issued the alleged warrant of arrests, was nowhere to be seen and court officials were left with no option but to release the lawyers from custody claiming that the police investigations were incomplete.

Bushiri called out 'certain Hawks officers' of being hell bent to cover up the dirt he reported against them. 

"Unfortunately, all my attempts to dissuade them from these illegal and evil tactics fell on their dry and extortive hearts. They scaled up their attempts which they spiced with heavy sticks of intimidation," reads the statement. 

He said legal steps he took against the officers have dented the institution and is not sure if he will get justice as the group are on the investigative team.

He went further to claim that charges of rape against him were cooked up by the cabal. 

It is uncertain whether the lawyer will continue to represent him.

"As things stand, I'm not certain whether Attorneys in South Africa will continue to represent me fearing unlawful arrest and detention, I must add that this is third time my lawyers are  detained wrongfully and unlawfully.

"How will I receive fair trial without legal representatives as those who represent me face this kind of harassment from certain Hawks members?" questioned Bushiri.

The Bushiris are wanted for fraud and money laundering in South Africa.