Chewa heritage arrests one of its own for forgery


Group Village Head Sosola Chewa Heritage foundation events Committee chairperson for the "Mkumano wa achewa" event has been arrested for forgery.

Sosola was arrested in Lilongwe alongside his then secretary Boniface Gauti, 

Police in Lilongwe confirmed the arrested of the two.

Lingadzi Police Station spokesperson Salomy Zgambo said the two are suspected to have been writing letters seeking funds.

"Forgery that's the charge leveled against them," she said.

The funds were meant to go towards Mkumano wa Achewa; a fundraising event in preparation for Kulamba ceremony.

Zgambo said the two are reported to have been forging signatures for Chefo leadership headed by Stanley Khaila to solicit the funds. information sourced indicated Sosola sent a letter which was returned and ended up in the hands of the Chefo chair who realised the plot.

It is unclear how much money Sosola and his secretary had already collected.

She said the suspects will appear in court when Police are done with investigations.

Chefo chairperson Stanley Khaila dissolved the events committee, saying it was operating against procedures.

During a press conference in Blantyre Khaila said Sosola had set up a different bank account where he was channeling the funds.

He was not able to account for the funds and explain why he set a separate account.

Khaila also canceled the 'Mkumano wa Chewa' fundraiser organised by Sosola.

He further disclosed, Hip Hop artist, Tay Grin, who is dubbed Nyau King is not the ambassador for Chewa Heritage as this was facilitated by Sosola.