Citizens want independence celebrations cancelled, don't see merit


A heated debate has ensued over this year's independence celebrations which are set to take place in Blantyre at Kamuzu Stadium as  different schools of thought from the citizenry seem to be in favour of cancelling the event.

A number of people solicited views from think its pointless as there is nothing to celebrate about citing the recent fuel hike, devaluation of the Kwacha and runaway inflation among other reasons.

This year marks 58 years if independence from the British colonial rule and it will be marked under the theme "Rise! For a resilient and prosperous Malawi."

Sam Kawale, Minister of Lands and Chairperson of the steering committee said they want to honour the people of Malawi who are striving to restore an inclusive path to prosperity for all and rising.

However, the citizens do not see it the way Kawale and Tonse Alliance is looking at it as Leonard Chipoya questioned: "Do Malawians need this kind of celebration Mr. President?" adding this is poorly timed and indicated the government has its "priorities upside down."

"A Malawi akudutsa m'nyengo yowawa kwambiri ndiye asangalala bwanji? (Malawians are going through very painful times and how do you expect them to celebrate?)

"We are in crisis Bwana President. Please channel the money to other useful programs. Cancel this year's Independence celebrations."

Reacting to a statement from the Ministry on independence day celebrations, Aggie Palesa Boyd questioned: "Za chani izizi koma?. Very useless." (What it this for?)

Precious Makaika Gondwe said: "We don't need this thing kaye, we shall celebrate our independence when we are really independent. Otherwise this is just a mockery on the poor man."

Other citizens have opined the Tonse government only wants to use this act to get allowances and siphon money from the state coffers.

This is not the first time the Chakwera-led administration has taken the heat over independence as they planned to spend K244 million on last year's celebration .

Questions of what are the people celebrating about looking at the levels of poverty, unemployment in the youth, blackouts were also the topics of discussions in 2021.