Demos losing the plot?


Demonstrations are seemingly losing their once powerful touch as numbers of those participating are dwindling.

A handful of about 100 to 150 people turned up on Tuesday in Blantyre under the banner, Action against Impunity.

It was the Police however, both armed and unarmed who made a huge portion of the demonstrators.

Led by Steve Chimwaza, their demands were on corruption in the civil service, deal with high cost of maize prices and impunity of the President.

Chimwaza addressing the small crowd said Presidential powers are jeopardizing the war on corruption.

"We can prove this, look at the massive scandals of corruption at State House," he said.


Shops closed up disrupting business and according to one owner the demonstrations are losing the plot.

On condition of not being identified, the woman said she felt going to the streets is not longer achieving the intended results.

She explained that ever since ultimatums started, she has not seen anything tangible change except more corruption and rise in living conditions.

Another thing she noticed was the ever changing demands from the organisers which she said only alluded to the fact they are out for the sponsorship money they get.