The impact of sponsorship on children’s lives

Children from rural Malawi

Its Child sponsorship week for World Vision Malawi; a period which accords the organization the opportunity to review reports on how donor money has been used in improving and promoting the well-being of children.

The week is aimed at reaching out to stakeholders to celebrate child sponsorship and its achievements on the registered children with some of them having really progressed in life and a lot of them working in different organizations.

Among others, the funding aims at enhancing protection, information management and risk management with priority on vulnerable and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The organization’s Sponsorship manager Georgina Kamanga explained that it works with children in communities and link them with the sponsors and the funding which comes develops the community at large.

She pointed out that a lot of children are suffering in communities and need support in the areas of health, education and need to be empowered for them to become productive citizens in Malawi.

Kamanga: The money that they are giving us is making a difference in the lives of the children.

While stressing on the need for sustained well-being of children, she indicated that due to economic challenges funding is dwindling hence want to stabilize the 33 Area programmes available in nine districts.

 “We are really passing through economic difficulties; I think it’s for the whole world. So for us that also is another reason why we are celebrating child sponsorship just making sure that we bring that awareness that the sponsorship journey is also bringing impact to the children, also showing our sponsors that the money that they are giving us is making a difference in the lives of the children so this is also part of our donor retention exercise” 

World Vision Malawi has planned a lot of activities such as child monitoring to understand their situations, football and netball matches, and children’s health checks in the 33 areas and engaging senior leaders in child friendly spaces.

Blessings Micheal is one of the beneficiaries who stays in Dowa and started his education at Chikhobwe full primary school and at six years, was one of the organization’s registered child and given basics like shoes, soap.

child sponsor
Micheal (With a microphone): World Vision has played a role for me to be where aim today

His parents divorced when he was in standard eight with the mother now staying in Kasungu and he lives in Dowa with his father.

Despite not being related to his sponsors, Micheal is grateful for the support rendered to him all the way.   

“World vision has played a lot for me to be where iam today because now am in form four but the whole journey big part of it, was done by World Vision as they paid part of my school fees and they were still continuing to provide me with some basic needs

“I’m a candidate for MSCE this year and my desire is to pass with good grades in the examinations so that I can motivate the organization to still continue providing me with basic needs as well as school fees as I will be progressing into college”