Malawians hit at Chilima


Vice President of Malawi, Saulos Chilima is taking heat over his comments that Malawian's should celebrate International Monetary Fund (IMF) giving the country US$88 million Rapid Credit Facility.

Malawians thronged to Chilima's page to tell him point blank they will never forgive him for 'lying' during election campaign.

Another issue that was raised showed people do not trust the credit facility will go to the intended use.

Others have suggested there is no need to celebrate because this is a loan.

Olugu Mba said: "Busy celebrating ngongole! Uwapatse anthu Feteleza wa K4,500 uja [Give the people the promised K4,500 fertilizer].

"Malawians will never forgive you."

Lovemore Kwiloni said: "We voted Tonse government because of you sir, so if Malawians are suffering it's you to blame. Kunena zoona bwana panopa tataya nanu chikhulupiliro [We've lost faith in you]."

Austin Makawila sarcasticaly asked SKC: "Sir should we still trust you people that ur the promised Messiah or we wait for someone else??"

Laston Mituka commented: "Says the guy who betrayed Malawians."

Alex Chimlambe did not mince his words saying: "People like you in high ranks will have all reasons to celebrate knowing that it will come into your pockets and feed you and full your stomachs but not ordinary Malawian like me. Mwapanga kale masamu kutiko mugawana zingatizingati [you have already mathematically divided how much to loot]

Not everyone is gunning for SKC's head. Daniso Mkweu had good things to say: "That's how I know you SKC. Very passionate, very patriotic and indeed very objective. What a great leader we have in you. Long live SKC."

The few that expressed excitement and joined Chilima in celebrating like Vincent Chafulumira who said this is great news: "Keep on working together for the betterment of the common Malawians' out there."

The Rapid Credit Facility is to help Malawi address urgent balance of payment needs related to the global food crisis.

Food insecurity in Malawi has increased significantly owing to multiple tropical storms, below-average crop production, and increasing prices for food and agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and seed.

About 20 percent of the population is projected to be acutely food insecure during the upcoming 2022/23 lean season (October 2022-March 2023), or more than twice as many people as in 2021.

Bo Li, IMF Deputy Managing Director and acting Chair said: "Malawi is facing a challenging economic and humanitarian situation, with foreign exchange shortages and an exchange rate misalignment leading to a sharp decline in imports including fuel, fertilizer, medicine, and food.

"Emergency financial assistance under the RCF’s new food shock window would help address urgent balance-of-payments needs and mitigate the impact of the food shock.

"Fiscal discipline, supported by a realistic budget, an enhanced Public Financial Management system and timely production of comprehensive fiscal reports, is important. Restoring price stability and ensuring financial sector stability will help build a foundation for private sector-led growth."

Li added that rebuilding external buffers will be critically important to reduce Malawi’s vulnerabilities to external shocks.