M’mbelwa condemns barbaric harassment of the elderly in Mzimba


Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V and the entire M’mbelwa Chiefs’ Council in Mzimba have expressed deep shock over an incident which occurred during a funeral at a village in the area of Inkosi Kampingo Sibande where two elderly women were forced to fill up the grave on their own to bury the dead.

A video clip which went viral over the weekend showed the two women in the act of filling the grave as a crowd cheered and booed them.

In a dramatic turn of events, later on, one of the elderly women had her headgear removed. After this, she was  beaten and pushed by a man from the crowd and fell into the grave.

The ruthless crowd kept on jeering at her to come out on her own from the grave.

Part of the uncompromising crowd captured at the graveyard

She was helped out of the grave by her colleague who had to suspend the burying process to come to her rescue and as she was being helped out; confusion was written all over her face as she looked out of sorts.

After helping her friend out of the grave, she went back to filling the grave process all alone.

This followed a death which occurred in the village allegedly attributed to the two senior citizens on witchcraft accusations.

In the letter, Inkosi Mbelwa could not hide his discontent over the ill-treatment of the elderly women.

The helpless elderly woman helped by a well-wisher

“Usually, such allegations are propelled by the acts of witch doctors (sing’anga) whose practices should be critically checked and entirely condemned in our society. Beliefs and theories obtained from these witch doctors have created tension and threats especially on the elderly who are often accused of practicing witchcraft.   

“We wish to strongly condemn this barbaric attitude towards the elderly. It must always be remembered that the elderly are the fountain of wisdom and that at all times they should be treated with respect and dignity,” he wrote.

The senior citizen after being thrown in the grave. Pics from social media  

The King of the Ngoni in Mzimba reminded people that under the Laws of Malawi, accusing a person of practicing witchcraft is an offence.

Meanwhile, the Police are on the matter as investigations have commenced forthwith through the Officer –In-Charge Mzimba with the law enforcers vigorously tackling the matter and that they will soon bring the culprits to book. 

His Royal Majesty applauded the police for the swift action and pledged full co-operation for justice to prevail.