NLGFC honours Banda, Medi


National Local Government  Finance Committee (NLGFC) has termed as exceptionally outstanding the service remdered by its two outgoing senior management staff who have since retired.

The two include the committee's immediate past executive director Alifeyo Banda and Ziddy Medi, whose tenure as NLGFC board member has come to an end.

The private cocktail, that the Committee organised in honour of the two, was on the night punctuated by plaudits from former colleagues. 

Speaking during event at Capital Hotel in the capital Lilongwe, NLGFC executive director Komdwani Santhe said his predecessor Banda had been key to propelling the organisation to the current heights. 

"Simply put, Banda was, and remains one beautiful soul we have ever had the previledge to have at the organisation. We can't mention NLGFC without his name to it.

"One thing also I learned from him was the desire for quality and the results. And to consider that he always managed to get the two with the flexibility in which he made his leadership to be, speaks volumes what a genius he is. 

"He allowed each of us to work to our best abilities and in a very proficient manner, without necessarily compromising professionalism," he said.

Santhe's sentiments were echoed by Arthur Kaufa, an office assistant, who said: "I know words are not enough and may not mean much now. However, allow me to say thank [Mr] Banda so much for the kind of guidance and leadership that you gave us as an organisation. This also comes from the section where i work. I'm sure the encouragement and words of wisdom you gave us won't go to waste."

The Constitution of Malawi (Section 149 of 1994), the National Local Government Finance Committee is empowered by 
The Local Government Act (1998) to discharge its operations and functions.

Its  mandated functions include to coordinate, consolidate and monitor local council budgets; mobilise, allocate, disburse and account for financial resources.
The institution also acts as regulatory body and consequently, has to  ensure prudent use of financial resources in Local Councils.