Former PS, now Chanco Prof. urges govt to heed expert advice

Prof. Mangani

One of the country’s economic experts has expressed hope that policy makers in the country will start considering advice from economic experts on the management of the country’s economy.

The call has been made by Chancellor College (Chanco) Associate Professor of Economics, Ronald Mangani in an interview with ahead of his public lecturer slated for today, Tuesday at the college.

The presentation has been titled: "The Quest for a Pragmatic Economic Management Framework in Malawi." 

The presentation was first made during Economist Association of Malawi-ECAMA conference on 9th November in 2020 in Mangochi, and it seeks to interrogate the ways in which the country can sustainably manage its economy. 

Mangani said: “The presentation is a reflection of what Malawi has gone through since adoption of structural adjustments policies and neoliberal policies since 1991, it interrogates how the economy has performed, and if there’s an alternative way of managing the economy.”

Meanwhile, one of the students at Chancellor College, pursuing Masters of Arts in Economics, Edward Leman say the public lecture will accord students at Chirunga a chance to discuss and get a good understanding of the workable economic solutions for Malawi.