Castel Beer to cost more

The beers

Imbibers will have to part away with more to pay for their favourite drinks as Castel Malawi has announced it will increase the prices of its alcoholic beverages.

The company made the announcement on Tuesday saying the prices will be effective on 1st December, 2022.

Sales and Marketing Deputy Director, Noel Banda said: "The decision to increase the price is a result of high cost of production, distribution, utilities and importation of of the essential ingredients in the current economic environment."

Carlsberg Green, whose production could be put on hold due to issues to do with materials and forex will now be bought at K1,800 for the 640 ml bottle and K1,000 for the 330ml bottle.

The letter
The new pricing

The same pricing has been put on the Carlsberg special bottles while Carlsberg chill is pegged at K1,300.

Other beer products; Doppel, Castel and Kuche Kuche have been priced at K800.

This is the third price adjustment for this year.

The old prices
The old prices

A number of beer drinkers have complained of the high prices while others have said they will continue drinking regardless.

Leo Byson said: "We will be starting with local beer then off to the main bars where we gonna be buying only 3 to 4 bottles of Castel or KK. Pamenepo tizikhala kuti yalakwiratu masiku nkumantha.

Simeon Kamanga called on Government has intervene immediately saying this is a thing of public domain.