NPC prays for positive reporting to achieve MW 2063


The National Planning Commission (NPC) has asked journalists to focus on positive reporting in publicising Malawi to help achieve the Malawi 2063 vision.

NPC’s Director General, Thomas Munthali made the call on Wednesday during a virtual engagement with journalists from different media houses.

According to Munthali, some negative reporting may impact the growth of some industries, thereby affecting the plans in the MW 2063.

He cited an example of electricity woes in the country, which when reported negatively may provide investors with wrong perception that Malawi is not a suitable place for their investment.

“Some investors may shun their investment in Malawi thinking there is completely no electricity. So sometimes from the negative angles, let us find a way on how we can include the positive aspect, including efforts being made to end the problem,” he said.

According to Munthali, once the country grows its industries and be able to have a buffer of resources, Malawi will not need to bank on other donors to work on some of its developmental needs.

He cited the damage on the Kapichira dam as something the country should have managed to reconstruct on its own, without reliance on some assistance from the World Bank whose processes may be bureaucratic sometimes.

Meanwhile, NPC has indicated good progress in the plans to establish eight secondary cities.

The cities will be built in Karonga, Nkhatabay, Salima/Chipoka, Liwonde, Mangochi/Monkey Bay, Kasungu, Luchenza and Bangula.

Munthali said the plan for the cities is an important component of operationalising the Urbanisation Pillar of the Mw 2063.

“The eight pilot secondary cities was largely based on their potential to urbanize, levels of connectivity and the existing economic opportunities for inclusive wealth creation in those localities and that their identification followed three-year long rigorous analysis of their current and future potentialities as drivers of equitable economic growth for Malawi,” he added.

Malawi 2063 was launched in January last year replacing Vision 2020.