29 suicides in January 2023


Twenty nine people have committed suicide since the turn of the year 2023, according to police records.

In an interview, Malawi Police Service Deputy Public Relations Officer Harry Namwaza said cases of suicide are on the increase despite sensitisation campaigns.

“About 383 cases of suicide were recorded in 2022 and in January 2023 alone, we have already recorded 29 cases. This is worrisome development.    

“We are still sensitising people  through community gatherings to ensure that they should not consider suicide as solution to problems they are facing. Police have intensified teaching people to identify signs of depression to make sure that they are aware.    

“Broken relationships, debts, drug and substance abuse among others are some of the reasons people commit suicide and youths are mostly affected," said Namwaza.

Namwaza urged people to always seek help when they are having problems and not resort to ending their lives.. 

 Clinical psychologist Dr. Chawoza Bandawe said that people should be trained on how they can handle their emotions and to know where they can find solutions when in problems.   

“Malawi needs more psychologists so that people can go for counselling and know how to deal with their mental health. 

“Parents and teachers should realise that they have big role in counselling children about suicide, mental health and depression,” he said.