Woman changes tune in court, says Pastor didn't rape her


Thyolo First Grade Magistrate’s Court will on Monday next week, continue hearing the case of Pastor Wyson Bello, accused of raping three women from his church under the pretext that it was God at work.

During a court sitting on Tuesday, the defence side brought three witnesses who included a woman who had earlier testified that she was raped by the pastor.

“We went to my house with the aim of praying for my child who was sick and we were with six other people. I wasn’t raped as I said before,” she said.

She refuted the rumours that Pastor Bello used sex and glycerine lotion as a way of anointing them.

“Pastor Bello used a word from the Bible in the book of 1 Samuel 1 verse 10 that described to use kiss,” she said.

State witness questioned the woman if the prayers were done inside the bedroom and she responded that the prayers happened inside the sick child’s bedroom.

Pastor Bello denied all the allegations against him but admitted to being involved with the women in prayers.

“I used to visit the women mentioned here in the court, but I deny that I raped them with the aim to pray for their children who were sick that time,” Bello said.

He also told the court that he was in a relationship with one of the women who accused him of rape and that there was a plan to marry her but failed because one day when he visited her, he found her with another man.

Lawyer for Pastor Bello, James Tate Chiundira asked the court to put on hold proceedings because one of their witnesses failed to come because she was busy with cultural practices underway and is not allowed to associate with other things until the end the ceremony.

The court agreed to put the hearing on hold until October 25 when the defendant will bring another witness.

Source: Mana