Mangochi records 7 Cholera cases

Cholera mangochi

Mangochi has registered seven Cholera cases, joining 22 districts countrywide which have recorded such cases recently, according to Mangochi District Health Office (DHO).

Mangochi DHO indicated that five are confirmed cases while two are by contacts whose samples were not tested. 

Some of the cases are from Traditional Authorities (TAs) Jalasi, Chilipa and Mtonda with the first case recorded at Kalonga Village in TA Mponda on June 26, 2022 of a 25-year-old bicycle taxi operator who arrived from Mulanje via Balaka.

In an interview on Thursday, Mangochi DHO Expanded Programme on Immunisation Coordinator, Alinafe Hauya said the Cholera cases have not come as a surprise considering that other districts already recorded cases this year.

“We were fully aware that there was a possibility that cholera cases would spread to other districts over time,” he said, adding that Mangochi was doing all it could to contain the Cholera outbreak.
“Health officers under Mangochi DHO are working tirelessly to control further spread of Cholera and following the outbreak, health workers give affected families required resources and conduct civic education on Cholera prevention,” Hauya who doubles as Environmental Health Officer added.

He said there was need for people in the district to practice and abide by hygiene measures at all times regardless of the season to stop cholera outbreak.

“Cholera cases are always common during the rainy season when there is a lot of contaminated water but it should be known that the bacteria that causes the disease is ever present in our surroundings and can easily be transferred by an individual from point A to point B,” Hauya said. 

Mangochi recorded a Cholera case on September 28, 2022 of a 15-year-old female that arrived with parents from Karonga via Nkhata Bay on a ship while other cases were of a 33-year-old and another 19-year-old female both from Chilipa, recorded on September 30, 2022. 
Addressing the Media on Wednesday, Mangochi District Hospital Health Promotion Officer (HPO), Harold Kabuluzi said the rate at which Cholera cases were being recorded across the country was a cause for concern.

“Many people have died of Cholera in Blantyre and Nkhata Bay and to date; around 100 people have died,” he said.

Kabuluzi said Cholera could only be contained if people continue to religiously practice hygiene in their respective households, adding: “Unlike previously when Cholera cases used to be recorded during the rainy season; this time, the opposite was happening.”

Deputy HPO for Mangochi DHO, Daniel Mwanza said the hospital is building on previous efforts of disseminating cholera prevention messages.

“We have been disseminating such messages through health surveillance assistants in various health centres. We are also going out to raise awareness on cholera using a public address system on how to prevent cholera”.