NGO to empower sex workers in Blantyre

The girls

People Saving Girls at Risk, a human rights NGO has embarked on a project called 'Safe Spaces for Survivors' aimed at rescuing girls in prostitution, child marriages and child labour.

The organisation said they plan to rescue the girls from being exploited.

The organisation has since engaged up to 15 girls from a brothel in Ndirande township.

The girls explained they face a lot of challenges as sex workers among which include being forced into having sex without money, having their money taken, being beaten up and stabbed.

Some of them had scars to show for it which were testimonies of the rough night life.

Kadyamsonga: Sex work is not pleasurable 

Bridget Kadyamsonga, (not her real name) said the project is a welcome development because sex work is not pleasurable.

"I and my friends want out of this business, we face a lot of unmentionable things but we can't have it any other way because we have mouths to feeds."

Kadyamsonga explained she wants to venture into tailoring and People Saving Girls at Risk will be her way out.

Ng'ombo: we want to empower them so they find a way out

Caleb Ng'ombo, team leader for People Saving Girls at Risk said the six-year project plan to rescue, rehabilitate and empower 100 girls in 2022 alone.

Ng'ombo explained they are targeting Blantyre because it is a hub of business, Mangochi due to the tourism aspect and have it on good authority people traffick girls to sell to tourists and Balaka because of the cultural beliefs practised in the district.

Ng'ombo said they are running a drop in centre where the survivors can access counseling at anytime.

"Mentorship has proven to be helpful in healing process.

"We also want to empower them with skills that are economy generating. We want to give them skills and not just work. This is sustainable economic empowerment.

Ng'ombo pointed out some of the girls share the belief that sex work is a form of exploration.