Chakwera condemns high quarantine fees by developed nations

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has come out to speak against the exploitation of COVID-negative and fully vaccinated travelers to some parts of the first world by developed nations.

The sentiments follow restrictions which became effective on 15th February, 2021, for persons travelling to England from a red list country including Malawi, who are expected to quarantine in an assigned hotel room for ten days upon their arrival in line with the additional measures introduced by the British government.

Additionally, before travelling there, individuals will have to book a quarantine package costing £1,750 per person an equivalent of K1.75 million which by Malawian standards is on the higher side.

A £1,000 fine will be given to any international arrival who does not take a mandatory Coronavirus test and a £5,000 fine rising to £10,000 for those who did not quarantine in a designated hotel.

In his virtual address during one of the side UN General Assembly events, the Global Covid Summit on Monday, Chakwera acknowledged the global pandemic will end, not only by talking when what is needed is action.

Travelers from red list countries like Malawi to the UK have to book a quarantine package costing £1,750 per person

“The pandemic will end, but not by exploiting Covid-negative and fully vaccinated travellers with forced quarantine fees.

“The pandemic will end, but not by vaccination and travel protocols that perpetuate and further widen rather than close the historic inequalities between North and South,” stated the Malawi President.

He further indicated the novel Coronavirus will not end by expecting low-income countries to do things they cannot or denying middle-income countries the right to produce vaccines for their people.

He also spoke against the tendency by high-income countries hoarding vaccine doses that should rather be shared to save millions right now.

Chakwera called for equality in the treatment of those affected by the virus.

“The pandemic will end, I said, but when it ends, it will be because we refused to treat its victims as Africans, or Europeans, or Americans, or Asians, but as fellow human beings worth saving because we know they would do the same for us”.