Mzuzu City constituencies up from 1 to 3

Mzuzu City

Electoral stakeholders in Mzuzu have agreed to increase the number of constituencies from one to three after thorough consultations.

Since Mzuzu was declared a city in 1987 it has had only one constituency, Mzuzu City.

The three new constituencies are Mzuzu North, Mzuzu South East and Mzuzu West, but the 15 wards have been maintained.

According to Mzuzu City Council Chief Executive Officer, Gomezgani Nyasulu, the three constituencies have been arrived at after projecting that the number of eligible voters in 2025 will be 154,990.

Nyasulu argues that on average each of the three constituencies will have at least 51,663 eligible voters.

Map of Mzuzu
Map of Mzuzu City showing the newly proposed boundaries. Photos by Vyalema Kaluluma-Phiri

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Mzuzu, Bennex Mwamlima, is optimistic that the city will now wear the city status because the Constituency Development Fund will go up to K120 million from the current K40 million.

“I am one of the happiest person because in terms of the Constituency Development Fund [CDF], I used to get K40 million just the same as Likoma [District]. So you can imagine getting K40 million just like Likoma can we develop? 

"So the coming of demarcation has really come at the right time because now instead of getying K40 million we will be getting a K120 million for development fund,” Mwamlima said.

Electoral Stakeholders in Mzuzu

The Malawi Congress Party MP says it is sad that the city has no basic facilities including airport and national football stadium.

“If you have heard me very well most of the time, I have been complaining that this city indeed is called a city but it hasn’t reached that level to be called a city because it lacks a number of basic facilities.

"If you can see this city we don’t have a good airport, we don’t have a stadium. People in the north have to travel all the way to the central and southern regions to watch international games. People in the north would also love to watch international games here,” he said.

In his remarks, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioner, Anthony Mukumbwa, says stakeholders in Mzuzu are excited that the number of constituencies has gone up.

Mukumbwa, says the commission wants the re-demarcation exercise to be done every ten years to coincide with the population census.

“The current provisions are such that the boundary reviews should happen every five years. Now our work is based on the statistics from Malawi Census, so this is done every ten years and we are in a situation where we use projections.

"We are therefore proposing that it coincide the review of boundaries with that of the census, so that the two can go together. So we have recommended to Parliament that the particular section should be amended from five to ten years. We are waiting for that particular parliament assessment,” Mukumbwa said.

Mzuzu North Constituency will cover areas like Zolozolo, Luwinga, Lupaso and Nkhorongo while Mzuzu South East has areas including Katawa, Masasa and Msongwe, but for Mzuzu West, it covers Mchengautuba, Katoto and Chibavi among others.

The country is expected to have a total of 35 new constituencies.