HRDC takes credibility hit


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) is expected to hold a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon under the theme 'Enough is Enough' but citizens are expressing concern citing the grouping can not be trusted.

HRDC was on the forefront organising #Millionmarches to oust the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and their credibility is in tatters.

Following Tonse Alliance being ushered into power in 2020, a number of the group's leaders likes Reverend Mcdonald Kasembereka, Billy Mayaya were given high ranking jobs in embassies and left.

Mayaya and Sembeleka
Mayaya in the middle and Sembeleka (R)

Before leaving they exchanged words with Malawians whom they marched together with on the streets saying they deserve those posts because they fought the powers that be alone. 

The foremost man, Comrade Timothy Mtambo got a ministerial position which was specifically crafted for him, National Unity, a portfolio people questioned saying he is the last person to talk about peace.

Gift Trapence stuck it out and remained as the head and now that Malawians went from the flying pan to the fire, he had taken up the fight but people are pessimistic.

Eric Kondowe on Twitter said: 

We wouldn't trust these fellas anymore, they betrayed us already, kutidyetsa kumimbulu yolusa🤦🙌

— Giovanni (@EricKondowe1) November 6, 2022

Another Twitter Malawi user said:

I don't trust those guys anymore... Chilipo Chomwe angosephana chabe anthuwa ndi amodzi

— Hustler265 (@Hustler265) November 6, 2022



Other Twitter user suggested the Tonse Alliance regime, whom they helped into government has probably not paid them this month and that could explain why they pilling up pressure.

Chithumba sichidapite mwezi uno! 🤣🤣🤣

— Capo (@yazid_yoweli) November 6, 2022



HRDC have been called all sorts of names 

These guys are sellouts

— che blugama (@justdenn12) November 6, 2022



Another one tweeted saying HRDC should not been given attention 

Dont give them the attention they dont deserve. They are sell-outs and Pretenders.

— Ngwazi (@Angozoo) November 6, 2022