Malawi to update customs system software

The agreement

Malawi’s customs system is expected to see improvements following the software upgrade to the latest version of ASYCUDA World customs management software.

The upgrade will allow the Malawi Revenue Authority to benefit from the latest technology available.

It will be tailored to provide customs officers with a bespoke selectivity module that will help them to better identify which consignments warrant closest inspection.

The ASYCUDAWorld system will also be adapted to interface with COMESA’s cargo tracking system.

The roll out of the latest ASYCUDAWorld version will mean that Malawi customs can better manage the processing of cargo manifests, customs declarations, and payments, including via an electronic payment mechanism.

Commissioner General of the Malawi Revenue Authority, John S. Biziwick, said: “The upgrade will improve efficiency in facilitating legitimate trade in all our borders. We are geared for the successful delivery of the project”.

Malawi's Minister of Trade, Mark Katsonga Phiri facilitated the upgrade when he spoke to UNCTAD’s Director of the Division on Technology and Logistics, Dr. Shamika Sirimanne.

A two-year deal has been agreed upon by The World Bank, Government of Malawi, and UNCTAD to upgrade ASYCUDAWorld customs management software.

Malawi first started using ASYCUDA software in the 1990s, having previously used ASYCUDA version 2 and ASYCUDA++ before running ASYCUDAWorld.

Being a significant importer of fuel and exporter of tobacco Malawi saw its customs numbers in 2021, process over 280,000 import and export declarations on ASYCUDAWorld.

The declarations were the equivalent of 51,427 twenty-foot containers.

Pemphero Musowa

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