Mtetemera faces first defeat

Sable Farming

Dedza Dynamos recorded a remarkable, dramatic come-back victory at Balaka Stadium as they have defeated Sable Farming 2-1 on Wednesday afternoon.

Mtetemera's effect seemed to be worked as Sable had already equalized within 45 seconds of the first half through Simeon Singa's corner which was well connected by Chifundo Ngapemba.

Dedza Dynamos raised the heat as they started coming wave after wave in the opponents half but failed to breakdown the defence and equalise, first half ended 1-0 in favour of Sable.

Second half kicked off heavy as Chifundo Kabambe of Sable failed to punish Dedza with his baby shot from the passes which the Chiradzulu based played.

Things seemed to get out of hand for Sable as the opponents pressed more and more giving pressure to them and making it possible to equalize through Charles Chipala to make the matter leveled to 1-1.

With four minutes left on the clock, Dedza Dynamos snatched the lead through a penalty and made the score-line 2-1 through Limbani Phiri.

Reacting to the victory Head coach for Dedza Dynamos, Dan Dzimkambani said it was a tough game but he was happy with the way he boys have performed.

"We utilized our chances as you can see the game was hard but the fighting spirit which my boys have showed made it all possible for us to claim 3 points," he said.

Welcoming the defeat Head coach for Sable Farming, MacDonald Mtetemera said they started relaxing and failed to use the opportunities which could have even gave them a 3-0 scoreline.

"We missed a lot of chances which has made our friends punish us, many areas need fixing as you can see we are scoring but at the same time conceding too much, will have time with my boys and fix the problems seen today," he said.