Bullets suspend accountant


Nyasa Big Bullets have suspended their accountant Jeremiah Magomba pending investigations for being implicated in a gate fraud scandal at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre when Bullets played Mighty Tigers. 

Magombo was suspected to have made a call to one gate management during the game and said: "Pakapezeka K1.5 million udzilemba K1 million, pakapezeka K1.3 udzilemba K1 million ndalama imeneyo ndikuyifuna [where there is is K1.5 million just put K1 million and do the same for the other amounts]."

The report prompted Bullets administrative personnel to announce the suspension at a media briefing in Blantyre on Tuesday morning.

The people's team's CEO, Suzgo Nyirenda said they are concerned with what happened at Kamuzu Stadium last Saturday where Magombo asked the gate management to conceal some of the gate takings.

“It's very unfortunate that this is happening at a time when we are making everything possible to make the club professional and it is also very sad to discover that the one being involved is in our secretariat.

“We'll try to make sure that investigation are done thoroughly without any interference. Police are investigating the matter and everyone who is found in this syndicate will face the action.

“We must accept that this issue has an element of affecting our image which has been clean all these years since we ventured into commercialization drive but we want to encourage our fans that we'll put other controlling measures to make sure we deal with everyone who is trying to be taking money released from the gate,” he said.

Apparently, the game involving Bullets and Tigers grossed K10.8 million, with each teams pocketing about K2 million.

The development comes after Senior Resident Magistrate Akya Mwanyongo on June 9 fined each of the six people involved in the Kamuzu Stadium gate fraud case K150,000.

In ruling, Mwanyongo ordered four cashiers to pay Sulom the money they stole and also said that the convicts should not be allowed to work as gate managers while they are serving their sentences.

In April, the six were arrested after stealing K437,000 from a match between Wanderers and Sable Farming.