Malawi's Paul Chidale at Magical Kenya open


Malawian professional golfer Paul Chidale has made his maiden appearance at the Magical Kenya Open which is part of the mega European tour. The tournament runs from 3-6March, 2020.

On the opening day, Chidale finished 14th out of over 150 players from across the globe but was only four points behind the leader Daniel from England after finishing three under par.

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Chidale was among the top 10 in Africa, who qualified for the Magical Kenyan open after he finished fifth during the Safari open, held in Kenya early in February where he had accumulated 106 points.

Speaking ahead of the show down where he is up against the best from around the world, Chidale said he is delighted to be representing Malawi such a stage and he is ready to give his all.

“I am happy to be the first Malawian to play in the European tour, I thank God and certainly do not take it for granted,” said Chidale.

He further said his performance during the Safari open gave him a unique experience ahead of the tour and he intends to maintain under par scores to remain competitive.

“My performance during the Kenyan Open gave me confidence because in every round I played under par which showed that I am ready for the tour. I expect to display a par game, I will give my all and accept whatever the result,” he said.

Vice President of Professional Golf Association of Malawi Patrick Shycal said Chidale had an outstanding tournament during the Safari open and expects him to replicate a similar showing during the European tour.

“Chidale played extremely well, he had scores of -5, and -2 on the first two days respectively, struggled on the third day with plus +4 and finished the fourth day with -2, which landed him on position 5.

“At this stage competition is against highly experienced players and to be successful Chidale needs to be strong mentally, if he can shot minuses he will be ranked among the top 20 players finding recognition in the African region and on the world rankings,” he said.

The tournament will be played at the Muthaiga golf club in Kenya, with 156 players including last year’s winner Justine Harday from South African and 2019‘s winner Guido Migliozzi from Italy and the winner is expected to pocket 1,000,000 euros.