What fans said about the Queens’ Cosana perfomance


Malawians came in their large numbers and provided a racous support to the Malawi Queens over the course of the Cosana Tri-Nations series. We caught up with some of them to hear how they rated the Queens after the final game against Namibia on Thursday.

Modestar Chipungu

I’m so happy because Malawi has won. We struggled in the first quarter but we managed to pick up. One of our biggest challenges is that most of our players are short. We have very few tall players. We also made too many short passes which made it difficult for us to win. But I’m thankful that Malawi is an experienced side. The girls have done very well we're happy. I would want to see some of the taller  under-19 players being promoted to the Queens.


Mercy Chigoneka

The Queens have done extremely well. Of course for this last game was tough, we started on a low note. But I thank God that we managed to pick ourselves up and win by a big margin. The coaches should work on defense, particularly the wing defence.

Malawia vs namibia

Joel Nsengwa

Queens yatichotsa manyazi (The Queens have made us proud). Their performance was consistent. They’re not going down they always try to maintain their position. We really appreciate the performance they have shown us throughout this tournament.

I think they need to improve on the defense much as we also know that we also need some tall players. Because if you look at Namibia they have tall attackers, we also need tall defenders. If we improve on those areas we may be able to do well in other games.

Edward Nkhambule

I’m happy with how the Queens have played they have shown us that at the Commonwealth Games they will put up a good show. Of course they still need to improve as at times they were slow with the ball. The Queens should seriously prepare. I know that some of the players like Mwabi Kumwenda and Joyce Mvula were not here due to their club in engagements and that may have affected us.

Esther Chingaipe

Timu ya Queens ili bwino kowoopsya ndipo nde yasewera bwino kwambiri and they should keep up the good work. We should encourage and motivate the Under- 19’s so they can eventually take over from the seniors. Otherwise team iri bwino heavy! Everyone on each position is doing well they just need to be supported. We thank FDH bank for taking care of the Queens. That’s why they were able to play six games and win all six. As supporters we have really enjoyed watching them and we thank them for their performance.

Geneva Muotcha

Ma Queens asewera bwino kwambiri, kutiwonetsa kuti timu yathu ikupitilira kuchita bwino. The Under-19s need to keep improving so that there should be a good transition. We need more companies to come out and support the Queens the way they do the Flames.

Beatrice Banja

We need to support the Queens, because most of the times we only support one sport- football. Our Under-19’s have also played well but we want the senior players to groom them very well so that when they retire they should easily take over.

But I would like to see the team improve on marking their opponent, adani asamangowutenga mpira mpaka kugolo osawamaka.

Stain Tembo and Austin Jalasi

Timuyi timayikonda kwambiri tachita kuchokera ku Lilongwe, tinabwera Sunday.
Tayipatsa moto! Mpaka yawina ma game ake onse six! But the team has a lot of needs. Titapeza pa sponsors ambiri komanso boma kuwaganizirapo atsikanawa, chifukwa pamene pali mphotho, munthu amalimbikira. Atawonjezerapo ma allowance awo, atsikanawa atha kumalimbikira, komanso they need to be given enough time to train, so that the coaches can try out different combinations. But they also need other things like balls and jerseys. Mutha kuwona atsikana athu amabwereza ma jersey, zomwe ndi zosakhala bwino!