Hayze Engolah unapologetic in 'Kaneneni'

Unapologetic Hayze

Malawian Hip-Hop artist, Hayze Engolah has re-introduced himself with the release of his new single-'Kaneneni'.

This is Hayze’s third official installment this year following his previous releases 'My Malawian Girl' and 'Lucky'.

Hayze described his new song saying: “Basically, Kaneneni is a song about being unapologetic about myself unapologetic about decisions that I’ve made.

"And also, being renowned for rapping in English, it’s just a song that I felt like I needed to release, I need to release more Chichewa raps or Chichewa songs, because obviously my fan base has grown over the years and I need to cater for everybody."

He added he is testing himself as an artist to do something different rather than just doing the same things that he has been doing for years.

“So, this song is just to tell the world that: If you don’t like what I do, or it could mean anyone, they can relate to it like that. Because there are always people who are gonna tell you otherwise. So, let them think what they want to think and you keep on doing you.”

Recognised as one of the first Malawian musicians to make the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list, Hayze has over time, consistently proved to be one on the top tiers in the game.

He is always outshining and performing better than the last time. Commonly recognised for his heavy rap lyrics and metaphors he has been able to stand on the map as one of Malawi’s best creatives.

Something different from the Rap icon and T-shirt mafia, while we transition from summer to winter, this is a hot banger that’s guaranteed to keep you warm all season.