Jamaican Jahmiel Hangout Music Festival appearance excites fans


Fans have lauded Hangout Music Festival for roping in Jamaican celebrated artist Jahmiel as their first headliner.

The festival takes place on the 28th to the  30th of October, 2022.

Organisers said they have a Nigerian, South African, Malawian and Jamaica artist on the roster, the first being Jahmiel to be revealed.

The Kingston Reggae dancehall artist Jahmiel is know for positive music and is revered in the world.

Organisers of the festival said they want to bring a completely different vibe.

He is know for hits such as 'Better Tomorrow', 'True Colours' among the uncountable discography.

Vasco Leo reacting to the announcement said: "Hangout... you got ears for music. Jahmiel's music preaches positivity and he goes for real life concepts."

Samuel Lumasi commenting disclosed: "Jahmiel is my best Jamaican reggae dancehall artist. Glad for him to be one of the headliners. Struggles in my life makes me stronger when everybody gone my journey goes on 🎶"

Naomi Ngaga and Elizabeth Mpotadzigwe said their favourite is 'Story of my life' and expressed enthusiasm to see him perform live on stage