Madalitso Band drops 2nd album while on European tour

Madalitso Band

Although Madalitso Band is on tour in Europe, that has not stopped the prolific duo from releasing new music.

The band has put out it's second album despite having over 40 concerts in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK and England.

"We are very excited to release our second album under Bongo Joe Records called "Musakaike"," the band announced.

Apart from the music they have just released, they are also working on a book.

Madalitso band

The 8-song strong album which sees the two Yobu and Yosefe giving authentic Malawi music feel.

Discovered busking outside a Kandodo corner shop in Malawi around 2009, their vibrant playing, strong vocals and traditional style led them to Emmanuel Kamwenje.

Kamwenje recorded their first album that same year. 

Around 2017, this local band was booked for their first international show in Zanzibar were they caught the attention of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) who featured them in some of their programs.