Nepman's 'State of Nation Address' to the 'lacoste' govt

a woma puts her first up in defiance

Musician Nepman has gotten attention of Malawians with his new masterpiece 'Ng'ona Zam'mbango' which dissects national concerns.

The song talks about how the current Tonse government, led by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is treating Malawians like crocodiles.

MCP is sometimes referred to  as the 'Lacoste party' as some reports claim that dissidents were fed to crocodiles when it led the one party government.

With the fall in popularity of the government since coming to power two years ago, Nepman is voicing out frustrations of failed campaign promises, bad governance, corruption inflation, devaluation which is resonating with a wider section of society.


He sings: "Tikuweta mikango/tikadali mu jungle/izi ngona zammabango zikutionetsa zilango/ before he breaks of into a cry.

Nepman talks of failure by the ordinary people to make rent payments, fees, unemployment among others things which have left Malawians distraught.

Music, is meant to communicate not just about love but the deplorable circumstances in society and the song does just that.

This is not the first time for Nepman to use his microphone, some renditions include the collaborative effort with late Martse on 'Malume'.

Nepman's idea to have the song visualised could not materialise but support has come in handy with artists such as Gwamba, Hyphen coming in financially.

His call to the public to have the video for the song has also met with great reception as people are making contributions which will also see a launch of the same in Ndirande.