Hip Hop beef heats up


Hip Hop has heated up in Malawi following the returning fire of Episodz towards fellow rap artist Riffle Dynamic's beef.

Whatever people will say but the streets have been talking about this beef giving the art life after the Third Eye vs King Kananji tussle.

The beef all started when Riffle Dynamic went after Episodz saying he sounds like him and went on wax to make some bold claims such as writing about 40 percent of his lines on the song 'Mbebe'.

The rapper went on to claim Episodz took a lot ot time to record the verse in the studio which is one of the highest disrespects.

He also said he was put on by the likes of Fredokiss and Malinga and the fact that he is light skinned doesn't frighten him.

For a minute fans thought this was over with as Episodz seemed not take what was thrown at him seriously saying he was at the lake cooling off.

Apparently his time to cool off gave him a chance to write a rebuttal which has seen the fans rating who has the better lines and delivery.

On Tuesday he sent out his won diss track which he says is not a diss but rather a letter to his son. The level of disrespect to call him his son is even evident when he start his intro.

Hip Hop heads have welcomed the sparring of the two as Riffle Dynamic has indicated he is going for a second round.

Responding just after the song came out, he said: " Not so bad. Apa nde washosha ghetto tsopano, ndipatseni beat changuchangu!" (he has raffled up the ghetto, give me a beat fast)

Episodz uses some explicit words throughout the song which is part of the whole diss vibes and makes some pretty huge rebuttal.

He calls him by his first name and doesn't name names but he hypothetically said he might have had sexual encounter with his girlfriend.

Best Balala said: "For once I thought wakupha u will struggle to respond. Koma now his song after going back to it ikumvekadi zizungu zokakamiza."

Mphatso Chakhadza commented: "This song is just too much to be directed to one person."