Tay Grin, Sonye link up on new record

Tay Grin and Sonye

Musician Tay Grin and producer Sonye have a hit on their hand. If we go by Sonye's words.

The producer saysTay Grin release is "pure Malawian".

The two have done a slew of hits on their belts among which includes the popular record 'Kanda'

I can make a beat for many genres. But when I make a manganje beat that s**t is spiritual. That thing is in me. That's a Malawian sound for real. It's in us. That's why Tina, Tsika, Kanda and Mdidi are big songs till today. All these international genres will come and go.

And look out for the next Tay track. It's pure Malawi.

— Sonyezo (@Sonyezo) May 5, 2023

Of late, Tay Grin has been in the spotlight for being called names by Hip Hop artist Jolly Bro aka JB.


The two have been rivals for decades and JB's new found influence on Facebook has pushed the limits 

JB has been making Facebook live posts towards Tay Grin to which he has responded.

The 'Khalapansi' rapper has blasted Tay Grin for perversion of the Rap music with his fusion of Nyau tradition.

In one his song skits on 'Bwezani' he said: "Musiye" [You should stop it]

It is unclear if the song that Tay Grin is putting out June 10, 2023 is related to Sonye's production.