We are looking for a new home-Jacaranda stranded


Since 2016, fun seekers have found Jacaranda Cultural Centre and Maison de la France along Top Mandala as the go top place but all is about to change.

Change is coming as the place is about to be turned into offices and activities such as Sounds of Malawi Acoustic Session will no longer be on the house.

JCC Director Luc Deschamps said they are looking for a new home: “The landlord of Jacaranda Cultural Center and Maison de la France at Top Mandala has given us a three-month notice, as they need their premises to be turned back into offices."

The place had classrooms, exhibitions areas - and a beautiful performing space.

“Hundreds and hundreds of cultural events have taken place at JCC along the years - in all forms of Art: theatre, poetry, Live music, notably our popular Sounds of Malawi Acoustic Sessions, visual art exhibitions, books launches, conferences, meetings venues for artists from Malawi and beyond," Descahmps said.

He touted it as a great platform for the youth and the upcoming artists. A venue for French classes and Chichewa classes. "For art and music classes. "

Not only that but the place was also the home of France consular agency in Malawi. And the crossroads of Blantyre City and Hanover City of Germany. "Now, how should we look at this development?"

Deschamps has launched an appeal to artists and creatives in Blantyre, the City of Blantyre and the Ministry of Culture to help find a new home for Jacaranda Cultural Center.

“A home for partnerships and cooperations - a home for the transmission of cultures - a home for creativity at its best, from Malawi to the world,” he said.

Renowned Videographer, Ronald Zeleza, popularly known as Ron Cz suggested the placing them under the Blantyre Culture Center.

“I wish they could just give you the French culture center building by Chichiri,” he said.

Art enthusiast, Howard Mlozi also suggested the same: “Go back to Blantyre Cultural Center. Malawi government is not ready to turn the center into cultural and entertainment hub.”