What has offended you- the art, the price or the design?

The newpapers design

Malawi is a country where everything is topic of discussion and a variety of comments pour into the social media space; some vile, some constructive.

If its is not about government failure, or someone stealing tax payers’ money, then it’s the more trivial conversations; sex or artists coming at each other’s necks, or just stunts, you name it.

Over the weekend, the topic that had tongues wagging was the dress fashion designer, Xandria showcased in 2019.

The conversation has sparked debate on a number of fronts, that it is expensive, on the material used-newspapers and anything you can add to it, the social space is having it.

It all started when, journalist and social media influencer, Mallick Mnela was taken aback by the fact that the designer used newspapers. Evidently, being on in the publishing business he felt the usage of the material was disturbing.

The idea of tarnishing something so holy [newspapers], to create something breathtakingly beautiful yet so edgy might have touched raw nerves with the most sensitive of souls.

"Admittedly, the art is beautiful. The model is gorgeous. But the idea is offending to something I revere.

Albert Sharra was of the opinion the newspapers should be used in a rather helpful scenario: “Please donate these papers to CFED Malawi and we will make good use of them by helping learners in schools without texts books have something to read to improve their vocabulary.

Cliff Kawanga has been in the entertainment business for a while but for him, it does not make sense at all: “Sometimes I wonder if the designs are only for the camera, to appreciate art rather than something that can be adopted in real life. Angavale zi nyuzi ndi ndani? Honestly"

Much as people are having trouble to fathom the idea, Lura Nkawiche says it is art: “The designer clearly says the dress is used like an art piece and someone is busy saying uzivalira kuti, ena akukamba za mvula aaaah”

Naya Hara cleared did not see anything worth calling art: “SHE MADE A MESS! This is not art."

Jey Primantel thinks it’s about money: “If you broke you can't buy this you will only see it as useless but even Louis Vuitton has recognize it and actually those rich people will buy and display it in their homes. So it's a win for her."

The LV design
LV and Xandria design

It is unclear how her design ended up in Louis Vuitton's collection or if its actually her design as the newspapers aspect has been around for sometime.

Tiwitikie Mwale also took notice but she had her own spin to it: “She should design something authentic and be creative, I've seen this newspaper costume a couple of times.”

Xandria herself said she made the design as she is passionate about the environment and sold the dress for an undisclosed sum to a client in the US.

What is offending you with the design, leave a comment.