Give them skills power to determine their destiny not handouts urges WVM

Francis Dube World Vision Malawi National Director

World Vision Malawi (WVM) has challenged the public to have an empowered world view by exploring opportunities on how to survive life storms other than waiting for hand-outs.

The organization’s National director Francis Dube made the remarks during an empowered world view symposium in Lilongwe which brought together faith leaders.

He cited development and empowerment as key areas in dealing with mindset change and ensuring that people understand their roles, responsibilities and take part in transforming the lives in the societies they are coming from.

The National Director noted that it becomes very difficult to sustain development if issues of empowerment and mindset change are not effectively addressed.

Dube said when it comes to interaction with communities the church plays a significant role in instilling values and issues around mindset change.

He called for concerted efforts from the civil society, government and the church in reaching out to millions of communities on the mindset change agenda.

Some af the members of the faith community present at the Symposium

The World vision boss indicated that this should be an era where people use their talents and skills to advance themselves and bemoaned the handouts culture.

“Handouts kill initiatives; they kill development and what we are saying is it’s always good then to begin by empowering the people; give them the knowledge give them the right capacities but also work with the mindset and ensure that them themselves as people believe in it they believe that they can make the change; they believe that they can actually transform their own development. They believe that they can live without the external support of without handouts that’s what empowerment is all about

“It’s the whole issue around giving somebody a fishing rope and not giving them a fish because when you give them fish they’ll just eat for one day and then the next day they want more again but enable them give them the skills give them the power to determine their own destiny”   

Dr. Grace Kumchulesi from the National Planning Commission (NPC) hailed World Vision for taking on board religious leaders in the initiative as they are crucial in driving the mindset enabler in the areas they live in.

For inclusive wealth creation and self-reliance to materialize, she underscored the need for people to start thinking and doing things differently in the realization of national goals and development.

Called on people to embrace mindset change: Kumchulesi. Pics courtesy of World Vision Malawi

“One of the game changing interventions that we have in the Malawi 2063 first ten year implementation plan is to start scaling up these successful initiatives. We believe that if we pass on the message that it is possible ndizotheka and then start to scale up these things then people also start to do things differently knowing that others are doing it and they’ll also be encouraged that they can also do it.

NPC launched the Mw2063 implementation plan in November 2021 as the country is expected to graduate to a middle income nation by 2030.

Among other attributes towards the realization of the national goals are visionary and transformative leadership, patriotism, religious values, hard work and self-reliance.

Minister of Unity and civic education Timothy Mtambo stressed that a change in mindset will usher the nation into a world of possibilities.

Govt fixing broken systems: Mtambo

He described the symposium as timely as Malawi has identified its problems one of which is mindset which has seen people prescribing themselves in a level and way of doing things for a long time.

Mtambo said the engagement will help in working on practical solutions and approaches adding that mindset change is the nerve that will chart a new direction for the country

 “Right now what is happening is to fix the broken systems; is to have a reflection that what has been broken in our system so that our development vision stands on a stronger foundation. Even though we don’t see it, it’s always buried but a stronger foundation shall always make a beautiful house stand for the longest period of time.

“Therefore in our journey to 2063 to create an inclusively wealth and self-reliant nation, we need a stronger foundation and mindset change is one of our priorities; that’s why my Ministry is actually developing a set of values and systems that should be able to dictate the new thinking and new beginning of the people of this country”