Malawi has enough fuel-Mera insists

Fuel attendants at a gas station

The Malawi Energy regulatory Authority (Mera) has allayed fears of fuel scarcity saying there are enough stocks in filling stations, storage facilities and volumes flowing into the country with some en-route.

Mera CEO Henry Kachaje gave the assurance in the wake of reports of the commodity running out in some gas stations in parts of the country like the cities of Mzuzu, Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Kachaje explained there are many factors behind some stations not having fuel such as logistical issues to do with their procurement and some of them lacking credit facilities hence running out of the commodity.

He disclosed that the Port of Beira was closed due to maintenance; a development which created congestion of the tankers but the situation has so far improved.

“During Christmas-time, we had a bit of some disruptions because the port in Beira did close and some oil marketing companies obviously their head offices did slow down over that particular period.

Kachaje: We have enough cover that cannot run out within a week or so

"But we can assure the nation that distribution has started and we’re really prioritising filling stations that might have stocked out and we are encouraging those owners of those filling stations they quickly do re-ordering with their respective oil suppliers,” he said.

The regulator’s loading schedules show that by Saturday 8th January, 200 trucks will have loaded from the Port of Beira with not less than 6 million litres.

The Mera boss indicated that out of the six million litres expected, 2 million was already loaded and has already started arriving in Malawi in the past two days, and the remaining should be in within the next two weeks.

He described the current status of the reserves as healthy.

Members of the press captured at the briefing. Pic by Watipaso Mzungu Jnr

“The reserves that we have in the country and including the stocks, we have enough cover that cannot run out within a week or so.   

“We are monitoring and we are confident that we have volumes that are rolling in and those that are available, they are going to make it possible for us to continue supplying the country with adequate fuels for both domestic and commercial use in this country,” he assured

Kachaje bemoaned the spread of fake news which he observed is causing unnecessary fear among motorists leading to panic buying of fuel.