UGI celebrates men

Chikuse and Ngwira

Men seeking insurance services at United General Insurance (UGI) offices were on Friday and Saturday showered with gifts as part of celebrating International Men’s Day.

This year’s International Men’s day fell on Saturday under the theme 'Helping Men and Boys'

UGI Chief Finance Officer Gloria Chikuse said the gesture is part of celebrating men’s struggle for their socio-economic accomplishments.

“One of the objectives of International Men’s Day is to focus on men’s health and wellbeing. That is the social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Men carry a lot of responsibilities and in their quest of life, most of them struggle silently.

"In their struggle they suffer silently because the community believes men don’t cry. As UGI we are celebrating men by sending a message of hope, love and thanks to all men including our clients that men can talk if they are struggling. Men need help!” she said.

Here is your gift
Here is you gift: Chikuse hands over to Ngwira. Pictures courtesy of Benjamin Maona 

One of the customers who got a gift, Dan Ngwira, Communications Director for The Institute of Marketing in Malawi (IMM) commended UGI for remembering men.

“It feels great, moments where men are celebrated are quite rare in a calendar year. This is a very good opportunity for UGI to excite their customers and give them a good experience. This is a good reason for me to insure my car with UGI because I have been celebrated.

"Everyone needs emotional support regardless of gender. We have moments where women, children celebrate and this initiative of celebrating men is good,” Ngwira said.

Early this year, UGI also gave out gifts to women on Valentines and Mothers days.