Light at the end of tunnel for young Mussa?


Young lad John Mussa who was convicted and sentenced harshly for being found in possession of 134 kilograms of Indian Hemp popularly known as Chamba might see the light of day on bail.

Mussa was sentenced to a custodial sentence of eight years by the Magistrates Court.

Lawyer Alexious Kamangila has filed for a judicial review to the High Court of Malawi in Blantyre.

In his filing, Kamangila has asked the court for bail while awaiting the courts reviews.

The grounds for the review are that John is a child and it is illegal to keep him in prison.

It has transpired from Kamangira'd meeting with Mussa and his mother's testimony that he is 17 years and not 19 as the State claimed in their charge sheets.

Kamangila: filed for bail pending review 

"I was in shock how young he looked only to be vindicated that he is actually 17 years and not 19 years as earlier reported."

He also explained the story of the Hemp not even being his, didn't surprise him.

Kamangila noted: "He was prosecuted using a defective charge sheet in that what he was charged with and what he was convicted on are different legislations.”

Social media went up in arms calling for justice to the first offender on the premise that another convict, Castel boss Herve Milhade was only given a fine of K1 million to evade 12 months jail time.

Kamangila said: "The Criminal Injustice System in Malawi is real. The Poor are the victims yet the majority of Malawians are poor. So majority of us are victims, just waiting for our turn."

He chided the Police and Judicial Officers to start being held accountable for their role in perpetrating injustice.

"The Policemen that are evil, have no shame at all, and they do their Impunity with so much energy and great coordination. A whole system, Police and the Court shamelessly pounding on a child."

Kamangila has vowed that this issue will end in holding people accountable.

He also is of the view they can struck out the entire criminalization of possession of Indian Hemp Offence as it is discriminatorily being applied, also looking at the premise with the legalisation of Industrial Hemp.