Malawi records an upsurge in COVID-19 cases in December

Health workers in Malawi
  • Average weekly positivity rate jumps from 25.7 to  41.2 percent

  • 276 health workers contract COVID-19 in the past week alone.

There has been an upsurge of COVID-19 cases and deaths since the beginning of the month of December according to statistics from the Public Health Institute of Malawi (PHIM).

During the period from 20th to 26th December alone, a total of 6,328 new cases with 183 new hospital admissions and 24 new deaths were recorded.

This represents a 122.6 percent increase in cases compared to the previous week; an increase in hospital admissions from 58 in the previous week and an increase in deaths from 5 in the previous week and one in the preceding week.

The average weekly positivity rate has increased from 25.7 percent in the previous week to 41.2 percent during the week in question.

A policeman gets his COVID-19 jab

Ever since the first case was recorded in Malawi, 2,350 people have succumbed to the pandemic and out of these 2,161 deaths occurred this year alone.

The country’s health personnel have not been spared either as out of the73, 238 cases registered, 2,697 healthcare workers have been infected with the virus with 24 dying from the disease.

“It is of great concern that lately, an increasing number of our health care workers (276 in the past week alone) are getting infected with the virus themselves and the health system is feeling the burden of a contracting health workforce as a result”.

Available data, both globally and locally, clearly shows that the majority, more than 90 percent, of those being admitted in treatment units with severe disease, or passing on from the disease, were not vaccinated, or were partially vaccinated.