Atupele Muluzi steps down as UDF president

atupele muluzi

For the first time in its history, the United Democratic Front (UDF) will soon have a leader who does not answer to the name Muluzi after Atupele Muluzi announced that he is stepping down from the party leadership.

Muluzi, 40, has led the party, without success, in the last two elections. he came third in the 2014 elections and forth in last Tuesday’s vote.

He inherited the party from his father, former president Bakili Muluzi.

In a statement posted on his official Facebook page on Tuesday, Muluzi noted that following the election results, hinted that the party needed new leadership.

Our party must be led from Parliament and needs to be led with a strong voice. Without that endorsement I am unable to deliver that leadership successfully. For now, I will take a back seat but my heart remains in the service of our beautiful Malawi.

“Whatever I do in the future will I hope benefit our nation and will be conducted with the same core principles that I have maintained throughout my career to date, honesty, unity and the development of Malawi. Thank you all,” he said.

Muluzi has served as Member of Parliament for Machinga North East constituency since 2004, a post he lost during Tuesday’s elections.

He was Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining from 2014 to 2015 and the only opposition member to serve in the Mutharika administration.

Subsequently he served as Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security in 2015, and he became Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in 2015. He last served as Minister of Health.