Joshua Chisa Mbele says he wont relent


Activist, Joshua Chisa Mbele has reiterated that he will not relent in his fight against the 'corrupt' government of the President Lazarus Chakwera led Tonse Alliance.

Mbele was speaking for the first time after he was granted bail by the Senior Resident Magistrate's court in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

He was arrested alongside Levi Mumba and others for demonstrating against the government's impunity, failure to implement campaign promises and worsening living standards among other issues.

Describing how we was picked up, Mbele said he and others were 'abducted' and that he was severely beaten.

He has since shown how his Iphone was cracked by the law enforcement agency while in custody and said that will not stop his pursuit of justice.

"They may have broken the bones. Torn the flesh. Bruised the liver & possibly scratched the skull BUT they didn't in anyway deter or kill my spirit & resolve to confront the evil before us. The worst in the life of our Republic. Simply put, Chakwera Administration is the most corrupt thing since 1964," Mbele said.

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Mbele's version of events

"What happened: The State Agents brought the so called MCP Sympathyzers, provocateurs who were carrying all sorts of dangerous home-made weapons.

"They attacked people who were returning from Demonstrations. Throwing stones. The Police shamelessly turned and put the blame on us.  The plot script was so obvious. The Police were acting under political instructions.

"The MCP Strategy was to arrest and assault the demonstration organizers and destroy their personal properties. In the end release them on bail with conditions to stop future demonstrations and curtail their freedom of expression.

"As for me, I was severely assaulted at Area 3 Police Station as I was disembarking from Police Vehicle. They destroyed my phone to make sure I don't communicate with outside world anymore."

Human Rights Defenders Coalition has since asked the Malawi Human Rights Commission to investigate the Police brutality.