Marinica has accomplished a lot in 8 months


I have a last instalment directed to those who continue making lazy and uninformed statements condemning Malawi senior national football team coach Mario Marinica for his ‘fast and very fast furious’ brand of football he has introduced for the Flames.

From the onset let me put former Flames coaches such as Ronny van Geneugden in their right places of failure.

Someone like RVG who registered two wins in 22 games and developed no new player has no basis to insult the intelligence of many of us who are still in touch with our medulla oblongata.

RVG should keep quiet in Belgium and focus on helping his country get a clue on why a country boasting talent such as Kevin De Bryne, Thibaut Courtois, Eden Hazard, Yuri Tielemans and Romelu Lukaku cannot win any silverware.

The former Flames coach RVG has no moral ground talking about some style of football he claims to have introduced in Malawi and one which the Flames seem to have abandoned.

RVG and his blind disciples are convinced he introduced a blueprint for Malawi football just because under his reign, the Flames were able to boss possession; complete 400-plus backwards and sideways passes uninterrupted with no shot on target let alone scratch on opposition.

To RVG and his misguided disciplines who worship on the altar of skin colour let me tell you that under coach Ernest Mtawali, the Flames also used to play passing attacking football. I guess we cannot say anything good about Mtawali because he was our fellow African.

Let RVG know that well before he set foot on Malawi, Surestream Academy, Eagle Beaks and other local teams such as Blantyre United were masters of tiki-taka.

Therefore, let no one come from Europe and try to preach to us what we already know and what we are good at because in Southern Africa or to put it broadly Sub-Saharan Africa we play a short passing clever running game due to our small frames, pace and speed.

For the avoidance of doubt, Malawi lost 4-0 in an AFCON warm up match last year while playing the passing game which we are yearning for.

I do not want to believe that Marinica’s fast and very fast football style is all about kicking the ball from defence right to strikers but rather than the players he has at his disposal are slow thinkers hence to avoid making mistakes they just get rid of it anyhow.

I foresee the players or new ones Marinica is drafting in the team adapting fully to this fast football sooner than later.

Our players are too slow on the ball, they receive a pass, look up, assess options then pass. With this type of football, you cannot score against top teams.

All the goals Malawi have scored under Marinica are due to speed of mind and body.

Marinica has done a lot for Malawi football in under eight months than what RVG and his predecessor attempted to do with resounding failure.

RVG did not groom any player you can point at as his genuine discovery from nowhere because Peter Banda and Chimwemwe Idana were already on the upward career trajectory when the Belgian came.

The Belgian did not produce results let alone help create opportunities for Malawi players abroad.

Marinica has in eight months, unearthed players who were nowhere near the Flames let alone mere call up such as Zebron Kalima, Stain Davie, Charles Thom and Lawrence Chaziya. These are players who a few years ago could not even receive a mere call up.

In eight months, Marinica has provided Chaziya a platform to transform his career; he is now earning millions in Jordan. The coach has solidified the defence, penetrating it is now so difficult.

The team is able to score etc. Of course, Marinica has flaws and there is some sense in those who are against his Route One kick and rush sort of football but again, I am convinced the problem is with the players who are struggling to adapt to first-time football.