Are we beefing?


Over the past few years, we've been blessed with different memorable and notable beefs: Lomwe vs Tay Grin, Waxy K vs K Banton, Eli Njuchi vs the Public, and recently Episodz vs Riffle Dynamic just to name a few.

Now coming to age in the Malawian music industry we're starting to see a lot more artists dive into this game of trade as something that is common within the industry. It seems as each day goes by and news pops up about a famous or trending artist having beef with another, fans seem to enjoy it, following it up more quickly as one of the "hottest topics of the day" like any other news story that was covered on the front page of a newspaper. 

It's become so common as a new form of entertainment that sparks frenzy on a 'tell on tell' that the media has to write about as more artists get involved, but as well also some using it as a tool of building their fan base in promoting their music and making sure their brand doesn't fizzle out in the course.

As more music comes out we move to see who else is talking and trying to stay relevant and on top of their game-watching with a close eye. But, hey, seasons change not to get left behind in the topics of discussions with our friends and making sure we try to know everything about everything as though ourselves we were also reporters given the task to gather news. 

But on top of everything you have to look at it from both sides; Is it worth following? And does it benefit the industry?

First of all, we have to start by understanding the meaning of the word itself 'beef'.

Beef in simple terms is defined as the feud between two or more groups with the aim of settling their differences lyrically through songs and generally attacking one another. It originated from Hip-Hop but soon found its way through the music industry with musicians as a way of promoting their brands after getting applause and becoming a fan favorite.

The years 2008 and 2010, saw rounds of beef in Malawian urban music with musicians Tay Grin, Lomwe, Fredokiss, JB, and the Daredevils.

Fredokiss and JB might have also partnerered to ignite the beef but also soon found themselves on the ropes against the legendary rapper Phyzix.

Today, more musicians seem to be joining the bandwagon and are enjoying throwing jabs at one another which looks to be sparking more frenzy on social media.

Recently we observed how the beef between Episodz and Riffle Dynamic quickly escalated.

Episodz was able to release a track titled 'Letter To My Son' which was a response to a song Riffle Dynamic previously released throwing jabs at Episodz. 

Through the past weeks, the brawl between the two rappers has just seemed to escalate more quickly with each raining down on the other's parade and showing no signs of slowing down.

Being a hard-hitter as he sees, Episodz seems to own his crown as he verbally attacks Riffle Dynamic shutting him down. As each verse goes by Episodz warns Riffle Dynamic to own up to his mistakes and tells him to pull up his pants.

Chabwino ndinu a Riffle koma mulibe zipolopolo (Of course you are a Riffle but you don’t have Bullets) Pull your pants up son ukuonesa nkolokolo (You are exposing your buttocks),” raps Episodz.

He also goes on further to say that  Riffle Dynamic is not able to write his own verses as he claims and to pay him for a feature.

This has since gone on for quite a while with both rappers throwing different jabs at each other.

But is it worth it? Well, it all depends on the audience's reaction and what they want to hear at the time.

As we have seen most musicians now use it as a popular gain just to get their numbers up, promote their brand, and get their projects forward; and at a time when the artist isn't as active just to maintain their image and keep their fans following and people talking.

Besides that, it has also been used as evidence of a way of growing other people's careers by receiving mad reception for their songs as a mere 'share' cannot do it alone.

But it has also helped in balancing and creating the role between different worlds and as part of the Hip-Hop origin it has all been about the expression of interests for people through different types of music and as a way of keeping the culture alive.

For others, it is just a way of making money and promoting their brands through the use of different antics while showing off their platform and gaining followers.