Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate, Lazarus Chakwera has promised to build a new Malawi based on a what Malawians want.

The leader of opposition said he has gone throughout the country soliciting views from people on what they want and how they want it achieved.

Chakwera said he has conducted women conferences, youth conferences and held conversations with stakeholder to hear from them their needs.

“People need good leadership and good leadership that is servant leadership. People need unity, this country has been paralyzed, tribalism has reeled its ugly head, people are dived according to regions, and sometimes religions.”

He said during his conferences people told him they want one Malawi, under one flag with one vision so they are able to know which direction they are taking as a nation.

“People want to prospers together, they are tired of abject poverty, going across the land you almost weep when you see the contrast, a nation that is so resourceful, yet lacking how to manage those resources to make sure people prosper together, what has happened is a clique is prospering while the majority are in abject poverty. We need to make sure that everyone feels this is a Malawi that is working for them”

Chakwera aired out fraud, theft, corruption which is enriching and serving a few while making everyone else poorer, hungry, less educated. “There is a lot of lawlessness, where those in power, have money, influence can be shielded.”

“People want a law that is respected by everyone regardless of their status, basically these are the things that will make a new Malawi.”